Wisconsin Mastermind/REIA Meetups

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I am a real estate investor and agent in the Beaver Dam/Fox Lake WI area and I am looking to get together with a group of other investors to talk more about real estate. Does anyone know of any Masterminds or REIA meetups that are going on in the Madison area or around that proximity that are taking on more investors?

Thanks in advance

@Cody Neumann if there is none, you can start one. Just put an event on BP and FB! Start a FB group! It may take you a while to get the word out, but its always great to network wit others.

I am about an hour north of Madison, but know that they have a very active REI Meetup group. We also have a monthly in Baraboo that gets a couple dozen. @Hussain Harun runs our Baraboo one and could probably fill you in on the Madison one too.

Dan Dietz

I've participated in both the REIA in Madison and the Baraboo group. Now that I live in Columbia County, I'd be happy to participate in yours if you want to be more toward Beaver Dam.

Hi Cody,
We are in Green Bay but would like to connect with other Wisconsin locals with like minds. We sent you a connect request. The same goes for all responders to this thread. We just recently passed the WI RE State Exam!