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What are you trying to get done?

If all you need is a WI weatherization certificate, the system is a joke. A home inspector takes a cursory look, gives you a certificate and charges you $100 or so. I once got one from an inspector who didn't bother to get out of his truck.

If you actually need work done, there are various programs like this. WE Energies is in partnership with another. Just call a couple and see what they can do for you.

You are not talking about the same things.  The Wisconsin rental weatherization program looks for minimum weatherization levels to protect tennants from obscene utility bills.  Project home does the work to increase energy efficiency through a grant, I believe.  The work Project home does would far exceed the minimum standards set by the RWP.

To be more specific, we have been told if we enroll half of the tenants in the building in the HomeEnergy+ Energy Assistance program (pays for part of their utility bill), then they will fund a large portion of a heating system upgrade (90%?).  I was wondering if anyone has done this sort of thing with them and how smooth the process was, if it is as good as it sounds, etc.

That sounds like a newer program of theirs. 

In 2007, our section 8 tenant got us a new furnace at our rental you came and saw last month. It was very smooth. They also added some insulation. We didn't pay anything.

We haven't used them again until a couple of weeks ago - they did the energy audit at our primary residence in cooperation with Green Madison. I intend to make a donation to Project Home later this year, after we pay our property taxes. 

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