Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services Training

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Has anyone attended the Landlord Training classes put on by the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services? I was just wondering what is all covered in the training and if they're worthwhile. They are free so the price is right!

Yes - they are excellent. 90%+ of the material is relevant to any rental property in Wisconsin. The remainder is specific to Milw City and County.

Also taking the course is a pre-req for purchasing certain kinds of city-owned properties, if that is part of your plan.

If you want to be a landlord in the city I think it's worthwhile. They will have presentations by a DNS inspector and a police officer.  They will cover the basics of land-lording and tenant laws. They also constantly remind you the consequences of not having your property up to code and of having it become a nuisance property. The best part is they give you a very helpful binder to keep that has a lot of good information.  

My experience was not as rewarding when I took it a few years back. Not a lot of substance. The main focus was about keeping illegal activity out of your units. My class was lead by Regina Sims who later on got busted for maintaining a drug house...

I attended it after getting an accepted offer on my house in West Allis, and the information they presented and 'textbook' they send you home with is definitely worth it! Plus the price is right..