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I am currently deployed and would like the money that my wife and I have set aside for real estate to get used.  I am new but not uneducated.  I would like to find a partner or group that I could work with electronically due to my deployment status.  I will not be in the military forever and would like to focus in Wisconsin because that is where my parents live.  If anyone has any recommendations or contacts they would like to share, please let me know.  

Hi Tyler  what are you looking to do with your money exactly ? what kind of a partnership do you envision?

@Tyler Kaye thank you for your service first and foremost.  I am actually in the opposite boat where I have properties that could use funding.  I would love to talk with you and see if my deals work with you and your wife's business model :)

@Tyler Kaye Do you know what area in Wisconsin you are looking at? I'm quickly developing contacts in the Central Wisconsin Area (CWA) and can probably throw you some referrals in the not too distant future for things like a CPA firm (I work for one), real estate agent for investment properties, and a couple local bankers.

@Marcus Narvaez I would like to work in central area, but at this time I have been trying to focus near Racine because I kind of knew the area.  

I would recommend going a little more south with your investment.  If you feel comfortable you may want to consider more of the Kenosha area.  Racine is still facing significant problems like crime, employment, etc.  Kenosha is growing from new industrial growth and it still has deals to be found be flipping or holding. If you can hold out for the upswing in the Racine market, its a good opportunity yet.  But just prepared for the longer haul. 

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Thank you for your service!!!! I to am a vet and I am also looking for a partner in the Wisconsin area especially in Madison WI I am mostly looking to rent in this busy college town area and start receiving nice cash flow but I do not know where to start

Me either. Are you living in Madison?

Tyler Kaye I am currently working in Central Wisconsin. I have 2 duplexes in Mauston and a single family in Adams. There is money to be made in central Wisconsin I am currently looking at the Wisconsin Rapids areas as well. Send me a message if you are interested in working together.

Taylor, I have multiple opportunities in WI depending on your goals, desired return and timeframe.  If you are interested in discussing with me, please let me know.  I'm new to Bigger Pockets, but I've been investing in real estate since 1996, I'm a private lender, and I run the local chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association.  I also sit on the board of directors for the Apartment Association, so I have lots of cool resources and information :-)

@Tyler Kaye Thank you for your service!

I have several duplexes in West Allis (Milwaukee area) that we could discuss you purchasing. They are nice for owner occupied or investment. Thanks, Doug

Thanks @Rebecca Holmes , let them know or please provide their contact info. See you tomorrow

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