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I own a single family property and Multi-Unit commercial building in Cadott, WI. I live in Minneapolis and travel 100% for work so these two properties are difficult for me to manage myself.

Any recommendations for a local property manager? Cadott, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Stanley, or Boyd are nearby.

(not Foxboro, I had a terrible experience with them. I lost 100% of the rent on the one unit that they rented for me!)

ive heard good things about Chippewa valley property management. They charge 6% for everything and   have been using them on our newest purchase for the last 2 months and I have been pleased with them. 

Im not sure, it was started about 5-6 years ago by 2 agents who are investors. we have only residential now. I haven't heard many good things about cornerstone management as well 

Hi, don't know if i could help you w/property management, prob have to vet them out from yellow pages or sumn. 

If you ever need any Drywall or Painting done, been doing that for over 20+ years and we have been working for the largest residential contractor in the Eau Claire area... C&M Construction for over 3+ years now.

We also do roofs & decks.

Good luck, as I know the fun of managing from afar. I've not had rental property far away but did a flip once...that was about 3.5 hour drive /one way. 

You can spend a pretty good day just trying to drive out there and back, let alone get any work done.



Hey Kelly....did we work together a couple of years ago or was that someone with a name close

to yours?  As an independent Broker, well....I've helped many an investor.  Gladly,

Just to follow up, I called and left a couple of message for Chippewa Valley property management - they never called back. 

This has been a pretty consistent experience for me with my Cadott property.

I'm still managing remotely and doing my best to find a local investor to buy it. 

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