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Hello, fellow investors! I'm leaving the active duty Army next year after serving four years as an armor officer. My dad and I have a pretty successful, albeit small, student rental LLC in Menomonie, WI. I'm hoping to move back to the Western Wisconsin or Eastern Minnesota area to both help him grow our business and start my career as a real estate agent (I'm currently getting my license). What areas would you choose to start selling in if you could move anywhere? Working as an agent will be my primary career while we grow the passive income from the LLC, and my hope is that I can start a property management company once I obtain my brokerage license. If anyone has a suggestion of where to start looking or knows a person that I should be talking to, I would really appreciate any help!

Happy investing!


Hi, Tim. I just left active duty in May. My husband and I got stationed at McCoy and sort of fell into real estate here. It's a small town but I'm a year and a half we have purchased 8 units. So far so good. Fort McCoy just added a couple of active duty units so most of our tenants are military. Where we have benefited is that there aren't many rentals here and most military want to rent not buy. Good luck!

Thanks for the information! It's great to meet a fellow Soldier on here, too. The Sparta/Tomah area is not one I had considered, but I would definitely consider it, especially since I'm going to join the guard and will likely be at McCoy from time to time. What kind of active units stood up at McCoy?

Hi Tim and Casey,

My husband, Keith Barkalow and I live in Warrens and we have purchased 7 single family homes in other states in the past year.  We also own a vacation rental duplex at Three Bears Resort.  I , too, have passed my WI Real Estate license class but have not signed with a broker as we are retired and I'm not sure I want that much work in my life right now.  

We are passionate about passive income and our goal for 2017 is to learn as much as we can to move to a position that our next passive property purchase will be a larger (8+ units) multifamily or small multi use .... 

Its nice to hear that there are other like minded investors in the area.

Good property management is the ultimate key in passive investing so Tim,  keep us posted on your progress!  

Merry Christmas,

Amy and Keith

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