Lindsey Heights (Milwaukee) neighbourhood

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Just wondering how's the Lindsey heights area in Milwaukee for investments? Is this considered C or D neighborhood? Is this area on a way to become better neighborhood or going down :). Are there any landlords or property manager for this area who can share their experience with this area.



I'd consider it a D class area.  It has all the problems that you would associate with a D class neighborhood.  I know there have been some attempts at revitalization in that area, but I don't think it's changed the overall perception of the neighborhood. 

I'd vote the same as @Darren Budahn . No I don't anticipate you'd see any dramatic shift in either direction.

Part of the revitalization includes a new bar/restaurant which opened up on Fond du Lac.  They remodeled a very old bar that was built in the 1880's. I think its taking advantage of the fact that at that point Fond du Lac is a gateway into downtown.  Look up the articles on it (The Tandem) and you'll get some information on the state of the neighborhood.

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