Sheboygan WI buy and hold

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So I did a forum search and surprisingly found next to nothing on Sheboygan which surprised me.  Can any of you investors give me some high level thoughts on this market?  After some quick research and driving the city, it appears that there is a lot of old depressed housing stock that could be a capex killer to hang on to.  Looking a the Zillow map, it appears a huge number of properties changed hands in 2013-2015.    I don't see a lot of new multifamily housing development either.  Does the relatively low projected rental versus new construction cost kill the potential of getting a new smaller apartment/townhome development off the ground?  With more young professionals working in the area, it seems like there should be demand. 

For those of you who have rentals in Sheboygan, what has your experience with your tenant base been like?  Turnover?

Thanks for any thoughts you can share.

I only own a duplex investment property as of today and inherited both tenants who had lived in home for 20 years. I have had no problems as of yet and the property cash flows very well. The really good deals seem harder to find but I'm sure they are still out there. Just my 2 cents 

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