Wisconsin Real Estate Networking

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Hey fellow Cheese Heads, 

Looking to network with fellow investors, flippers and contractors.  I'm mostly interested in finding local investors to partner with who can bring money to the table that are looking for someone to provide the project management for splits.  

I am about 70% done with my first 'live-in' flip where I have been hustling with my W-2 income to fund the repairs and sweat equity, will either be selling next spring or doing a cash out refinance to turn a hefty profit. Very hungry and motivated to hopefully do this full time as soon as possible. Comment below, would love to talk with everyone!

Hi Ryan! Welcome to BP! Congratulations on having your first flip nearly done.  Live-in flips are a great way to get started.  Don't ever lose the motivation. It will come and go some days but always keep your eye on why you are doing this.  Good luck!

Originally posted by @Don Tillung :

@Ryan Biankowski nice!! Mukwonago has some nice areas for flipping! Would love to here more on the live in flip and what you decide to do for the exit strategy. 

 Hey Don, my current idea is to do a Cash Out Refinance or possibly sell the house if it makes sense.  Seems like a cash out is #1 for now.  Would allow me to stay in this nice updated house with my dogs and use the extra cash to parlay with private money to do this all over again just on the side.  

Hi Ryan,

I'm still fairly new to the MKE area (relocated here from Boston) and am also looking to connect with locals knowledgeable about the market and other investors. My short term goal is to move into a duplex by March 2018 so any insights you have on the local market would be greatly appreciated! Happy to discuss with anyone willing to connect. I'm also a CPA currently working in corporate finance consulting and happy to reciprocate help / advice on that front to any interested parties (or any other finance  / accounting peoples looking to connect).