Local Broker/Lender Recommendations in Wisconsin

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@Brant Jones depends what type of property you want to finance and what you plan is going forward. If you are looking for a one shot deal I can recommend a mortgage broker, they will shop the loan around for you. if you are looking to build a relationship you, are better served with a small commercial bank. 

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You will have a large variety of options here, and it really all depends on the type of product you are seeking/will qualify for. Are you bankable? If so, I would certainly make them your first stop, as you won't see better rates and terms. The downside, is banks will almost always be closer to 75-90 or even longer times to close. The secondary market will be more asset based, and therefor can cut down closing timeframes - more like 20-30 days on low-doc loans. The difference here will be that rates and fees will be a little higher. It all depends what you're looking for. The above have listed some great options. Feel free to PM for more info!

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