Eau Claire, WI need someone for a very small job

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Hi Eau Claire WI investors-

Do any of you have a reliable handyman/fixit guy to help us with the following? Our friend isn't answering texts...

The city just finished a lot of street work in front of our rental and it's time to replace the mailbox. This would mean digging a hole in the right place and planting the existing mailbox at the correct position. Less than an hour of work.

If someone can point me to someone who could do this in the next week or two, that would be great.

It's not worth a six hour roundtrip drive for us- just for this hole. Otherwise we would just drive up and do it!

Thanks, fellow investors!

@Tanya F. not sure if you have a landscaper servicing the property but you could always ask them if they can help. as for the mailbox you can have Amazon ship it somewhere or order it from Home Depot or Lowes for pick up or ship it as well. Otherwise, check out some of the lead gen websites like angieslist, thumbtack, porch.com. they have a bunch of vendors that can help.

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Thanks for responding, @Ravi P.   We don't have a landscaper. 

I should have been more clear, I'm looking for specific recommendations, because we want the work done very soon. Yes, we know about Angies List.

Thanks guys. I posted on Thumbtack, never tried that one before. We'll see how it goes. 

But if anyone has a particular person to recommend, that still would be great. 

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