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Hello BP, I’ve been investing for just short of a year. I have 4 doors in Manitowoc County and looking to get into the Sheboygan, Calumet county areas. Like most people, One issue I’ve been having (major headaches) is dealing/finding with contractors.  Does Anyone have advice for finding a good contractor lead or anyone have any positive experiences with contractors in these areas? Thanks!

Hi Steve,  I am in a similar situation.  About to close on doors 3 & 4 in the Sheboygan market.  Haven't had any luck with contractors yet, but am still working on it.  Will let you know if I come across anyones that work.  

Thanks for checking in Peter.  They are out there somewhere!  With time I'm sure we can uncover some and move in the right direction.  Feel free to reach out anytime to connect.

I don't have a specific referral for a Sheboygan Contractor but you could check on the DSPS contractor license site, If you select the advanced search and select license type dwelling contractor, then status (not expired) and zip code, I entered in 53081, a list of contractors will load. 

I don't have a contractor, but I have an excellent plumber recommendation out of Cleveland, WI:

Has done work on my parents place as we were growing up and a local family run business. 

If you need an electrician or drywaller, let me know. I have some personal contacts who have done recent work for a fair price and good quality.

Hi Steve, I have a few doors in the Sheboygan County area and I have used a number of different contractors - what type of work are you looking to have done? I will say right now they're definitely few and far between!  Feel free to send me a PM! 

Hey Steve,

Nice to see a local investor?

What sort of deals are you looking for?

I’m a little late to respond but what kind of contracting are you looking to have done?

HI Steve,

I've got 3 doors in Plymouth.  I work for an exterior remodeler as well (siding, windows, roofs, gutters, etc.) out of Fond du Lac.  We do workout that way.  What type of work do you need done? I might have some other suggestions depending on what you need done. Feel free to DM if you want to reach out.

Any updates on this post a business associate and I are looking at a potential BRRRR in Sheboygan and would like to find a GC since we live over an hour away.

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