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Hey everyone.  I'll be retiring from the Air Force this summer.  I'm looking to connect with investors in the areas of Green Bay, Appleton, Manitowoc, Sheboygan.  Generally speaking Manitowoc, Brown, Calumet, Sheboygan, and Outagamie counties.  I'm currently deployed to the Middle East, but will be available beginning July 2018.  

I began this venture in September 2017.  Since then, Closed on 2 properties/9 units and 4 more units set to close this month.  I also have a very solid connection in a growing and reputable property management company.  

I'm looking to establish a reputable network.  I can be of great assistance if you're an out of area investor or work full-time and need someone that can get work done during the day.  If you want to develop a relationship with someone that prioritizes integrity and loyalty, give me a shout.  My "word" is my strongest attribute and look forward to making more connections.  

Best Regards,

Mike Taddy

Hi Mike, I just started investing myself last year.  I'm on my 3rd property 2 in Sheboygan and 1 in Oshkosh.  I live in Plymouth but did live in the Green Bay area for about 10 years.  If you want to Network let me know.  Thank you for your service and congratulations on your upcoming retirement.

Hi Mike (and Scott and Scott),

I'm about to close on my first deal this week (out of state) but will be focusing in the Fox Valley thereafter doing Buy and Hold. I'd be interested in networking with you (all) if interested. I'm in the area 1 weekend per month and would be interested in meeting you. I'll PM from here. Looking forward to talking with and meeting you.


Good luck with the remainder of your deployment and thank you for your service.  I have a couple of investments in Green Bay, a mixed use retail/apartment and a 6 unit apartment building.  I'm starting to work with the Ecumenical Partnership for Housing and am looking to purchase some single family homes for them.  It would be great to meet up when you get home.

Hi All.

Mike, first, congrats on retiring and truly thank you for your service.   With out those like you we wouldn't be doing this here.

Also, i'd be very much interested in meeting up and/or networking.  I too am just beginning in this market and industry (from and live in Green Bay).  Always looking for quality and character individuals to help out, learn with/from, and expand.



You folks might want to consider putting together a BP meetup. There are a few of them around WI. They are typically  very informal, free, and free of solicitation.

Hi Mike.  I live in Freedom and get together with other investors in different locations on a regular basis.  Feel free to reach out!  13 of us met just last night and had a GREAT mastermind session inside of a completed rehab flip of one of the investors.  We discussed deal structuring to help one of the other investors there attain a retiring landlord's entire portfolio of 90 rentals!  It was fun to put together a bunch of different ways for him to structure the deal to benefit himself in his 30's while helping the retiring investor with his taxes in getting out in his 70's.

Mike, that's a deep question. I believe there's a lot of opportunity in WI right now. It's a bit of a challenge to get truly great deals right now compared to when the markets were more buyer favored as inventory is low and sellers are winning big time here! However, there are always deals to be made and those who follow the strategies of doing their own marketing to get their phone to ring instead of looking at the MLS and chasing foreclosures will still always have a place to win. There's enough deals out there to sustain a family, but it certainly is a business and it takes real focus and work just like any other business. Many of us do it full time and sustain a comfortable living for our families. You're military. You're not afraid of hard work! I believe if you use the same discipline they taught us in basic training and beyond, you can succeed here as well. Lots of room for more investors to grow a business here.

Hi Mike,

When You get home, come to the Green Bay REIA. We meet the 2nd Thursday each month and would love to have you join us. It's a perfect place to meet and network with local investors. Check out GreenBayREIA.com for details.

Thanks For Your Service and Sacrifice

Derek Dombeck

Hello everyone,
I’m new to BP and investing.mainly on BP looking for knowledge and a mentor to answer questions and lead me in the right path! I would love to connect with everyone to learn and share knowledge so we can all achieve our goals!!

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