Any Northwest WI Investors?

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Looking to network with anybody in the Northwestern WI market: Polk, Barron, Dunn, St. Croix Counties. I have several properties for sale and I'm currently looking for 3/2 SFH myself.

Hey Steve- did you bid on the Polk county tax auction this morning? Had a 3+ bed in atlas (west of luck). Opening bid $7500. I'd guess it sold for less than $20.  Was actually pretty good, but a little far for me.  I'm by Somerset.

I didn't even hear about it... and I've been on the Polk county website and am planning on going tomorrow.  

Right from the website:  "All Sheriff Sales are conducted at 10:00 a.m. Sales are held Tuesday - Thursday. See the sale calendar or the notice. PLACE: The front lobby of the Polk County Justice Center, 1005 W. Main Street, Balsam Lake, WI 54810."

How did you hear about it?  I can certainly be happy with a 3bd for $7500 or less!!!

Auction today was pretty good.  The plaintiff showed up (bank) and placed their bids on 3 properties... since they get to go first, this is the starting bid.  There was only 1 bidder, and he chose to not bid on 2 of the 3.  He won one auction for $1 over the bank amount and then he didn't have his cash with him and had to run and get it.  We were over in less than 10 minutes.

What I learned was to read the auction listings, drive by the properties and make a decision and then go to the auction.

If the property is confirmed vacant, this is a great way to get a property.  Otherwise there are some "opportunities" that you need to consider.

At the very bottom of the County website there's a link that says, "real estate for sale tax delinquent". Click on the link and it will Download a pdf of the properties that were up for auction. You can just monitor the website for when they post things again.  What kind of real estate investing do you do?

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