Wisconsin Investors - thoughts on FoxConn deal (locations/growth)

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Hi WI investors,

I am considering to invest in Wisconsin (perhaps GreenBay area). We are out of state investors looking for small multis to BRRR. My dear college friend has recommended to narrow my search in the waterfront and Lambeau areas(?), although I know she co-owned a restaurant along the river I'm not sure if these areas are good for residential?


Other areas I'm considering are De Pere and Howard. Wondering if locals are counting on the new FoxConn deal (Mount Pleasant) and if perhaps investing in those areas (18K new jobs) would be good: https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/2017/07/26/sco...

I'm reading about a lot about the growing pains, but see recently that Racine has agreed to increase infrastructure (water) for the Foxconn development https://www.jsonline.com/story/money/business/2018... It sounds like the development is making progress, but wondering if others here have insight and opinions on this topic of growth in the area.

Here's the 2010 post on why Apple won't invest in the U.S. - one concern was the supply chain, which Steve Jobs once mentioned that U.S. would have a difficult time investing with that sort of infrastructure that China has to support the product: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesleadershipforum...

Anyway, a long discussion perhaps enough to jog conversation!

Hi Lynne, I would not count on FoxConn specifically - I believe Warren Buffet said something along the lines that rookies are looking for investments that bring applause and pro's look for investments that get greeted by yawns. SE Wisconsin is doing great and we have been seeing both healthy appreciation and lots of new development, while we are still short on inventory. If FoxConn happens it is so big, it does not matter where you are, ripple and displacement effects will raise the tide for all boats in the greater Milwaukee metro area.

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