Janesville Wisconsin & Beloit Wisconsin Contractors and Handymen

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for recommendations for contractors in the Janesville Wisconsin & Beloit Wisconsin area. I am looking for everything needed for a rehab: Drywallers, electricians, painters, bathroom contractors, siding ect.

I am also looking for recommendations for a handyman in the same area- Someone to do miscellaneous repairs on rentals.


Hi Kole, I don't have a suggestion for contractors, but I was curious if you are still buying income properties in that area? If so, I'd like to connect. 

Also, I have had success finding local contractors and handymen through Nextdoor.com.

Also, maybe check https://app.wi.gov/licensesearch and search by advanced for the type of contractor you need, and enter the zip code.  If you find one of two good sub contractors, they can typically refer you to the other people you need. 

@Kole Kingslien I use Quality Rock out of Janesville.  He does drywall, plaster, painting, etc.  I've even had him do a turnover for me from start to finish. (I got lucky as he was otherwise slow at the time of the turnover.)

@Phillip Davis hey phil! Long time man! Hope your hanging in there with all this COVID stuff. I am just networking at this point in preparation of future maintenance issues that come up. I just want to be prepared when stuff breaks I have the right people ready to fix the problem. I will need some concrete work done in mid/end of September if you know any concrete guys.

@Alex Murphy that's awesome that you are preparing, I think many of us are! I have a concrete guy I am actually getting ready to use and can pass his info along. Good to hear from you and hope you guys are doing awesome!