Downtown Manitowoc, WI

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My wife is from Manitowoc, WI and I'm up there more than 12 times a year. Thinking about buying some real estate downtown for a long term play.  Is the worth it right now or would I be looking at losses? Is there any insight into the economy there? 


I cannot speak to Manitowoc, however, if you being in Milwaukee are interested in Janesville or Beloit I would highly encourage it. The properties are significantly cheaper than Milwaukee and Manitowoc and some of these units can earn upwards of 15-20% Cash on Cash ROI. If you are curious about it I would love to explain more. I also would be happy to share some of these deals that we have found for some of our out-of-area clients.

@Calvin Ozanick what type of numbers are you talking about?  Please share with me the information. 

Thank you 

I’m from Manitowoc but live in Sheboygan. I believe the economy is improving but it has a long ways to go. If you are looking for value investing there is some opportunities but I wouldn’t count on much appreciation at this point.

We have some clients earning typically up to 15-20%. Message me if you are curious!

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