Refinance for a non U.S citizen

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My name is Liran and i live in Israel.

We recently bought a property under our Wisconsin LLC (cash only) and i want to refinance it (as part of the BRRR Strategy).

Does anyone knows if we can get a refinance if we aren't a U.S citizens? 

(The LLC has EIN, bank account and we should have our own ITIN in a few weeks or so)



@Liran Rotter it's been awhile since I was a lender but I found this on BP for you. I hope some lenders answer your question but I think having it in the LLC with a current EIN# makes your citizenship irrelevant. But please check with someone who is currently lending, my information is old. I hope this helps a little

@Christi Hawkins Thanks Christi, i appreciate it!

Sara Cruz, Branch Manager at Inlanta Mortgage. 

offering loans to ITIN buyers and rehab loans to both OO and NOO!

Also try Alvin Sun at Pathfinder Capital Partners

Thanks Rebecca, i appreciate it!

Do you have their details? You can send it to me privately if you prefer.

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