Oxford, MS Investing

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I'm looking to purchase my first investment property.  I went to Ole Miss for grad school and loved the town so I thought that Oxford could be a good place to buy my first rental property.  I am wondering if there was anyone who invests in the Oxford, MS area who I could talk to about their experiences. 



Are you still looking to purchase a rental? Oxford can be a fantastic area to invest. It really just depends on your individual goals and what you are comfortable with. There is definitely excess supply for student rentals if you were looking to go that route, but people are still willing to pay ridiculous rents to be close to the square. Most of these properties are too expensive to cash flow initially, but they could be an excellent long term play for appreciation. 

You could also look into purchasing a short-term rental to list on Airbnb/Vrbo. These produce really strong numbers through football season and can go as high as $800/night for some of the home games (Bama, Egg bowl..). This might be a good option if you want to visit Oxford often and have a place to stay that would more than likely cover the PITI.

I personally invest in reasonably priced single family homes and try to find quality long-term tenants rather than students. Rents are still amazing, and there's less headache, turnover, etc. 

PM me if you want to talk specifics or local property managers. 

Brady Pratt