ANY Ms. Investors?

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I'm also looking for other investors & cash buyers that invest in Mississippi, particularly the coastal area - Biloxi, Gulfport, Ocean Springs, D'iberville, & surrounding areas.

@Susan Maneck   yup  9 years ago and 9 years ago Trey who posted above and had 2 whopping posts.. was a borrower of mine in Jackson.. LOL  he is doing very well for himself these days

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I am looking into investing in vacation rentals in the Biloxi/Gulfport area. Anyone have experience in this area?

 My mom owns and manages about 6 or 7 vacation rentals in Gulfport area.  She's been doing very well for the past 6-7 years.

Wife and I just picked up our first BRRRR in Biloxi, should be on the rental market in June-ish.

Hi guys, I live and work the MS Gulf Coast area. I have several investors I help find properties to add to their portfolio.

We email single family, multi family, condos and commercial to our clients and they choose the ones they want to go and see.

If you would like a list of properties I would be happy to help!

@Pat Heidingsfelder . A couple of months ago you responded to my post about vacation rentals in the Biloxi area. Does you mother have investments in single family homes or in condos on the beach? What management company does she use? I'm just trying to figure out where would be the best to buy. It kind of hard to find stats on real estate trends in that area. Thank you in advance for any information you can help me with!!

Check with Biloxi Beach Resort Rentals them maybe able to share some numbers with you on how the condo market is doing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Good luck.

Better late than never, I have a few places in North Jackson. Happy to join the discussion, not a lot of talk about MS

Very true, not a lot about Mississippi. I'm in central MS, specifically Jackson. I actually work at a property management company here as the leasing agent (as well as regular Realtor who is learning and growing my business)