Hello BP'ers,

Been a while since I last checked in. After trying my hand in Arizona with flipping and finding no success (aka analysis paralysis) I moved to Orange County, CA to start a sober living with a buddy. That has been a decent success but more of an experience than anything.

I just acquired my first duplex in Knoxville, TN (my hometown) after finally forcing myself to pull the trigger. Great property. Made the 1% rule. Great tenants. Great PM. I'm working on acquiring more units, mainly in Knoxville. Love the market.

So, all and all, making moves. Working on getting my Real Estate License out here (long process in CA) with the intention on finding some sort of real estate related job that will help fund my down payments.

Thus, I am looking for work and I am willing to move. I am willing to move to Phoenix, AZ area, Knoxville/Nashville,TN area, Atlanta/Athens, GA area, or Oxford, MS area. I have family in all those spots and that is very important to me. The right opportunity may make me move other places however. My sober living is being managed and as much as I love O.C., I like working in the industry more. I will do almost any job. My main interests are acquisition, flipping, and commercial but anything R.E. related is something I will move for.

Feel free to respond to this forum or find my contact info can be found in my bio