Looking to find other Real Estate investors in my area

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Hi, my name is Paul. I'm currently on my way home from a deployment in the middle east and while I was here I started researching my passion which is real estate investing. I'm 27 years old with a wife and child and have our own house. My wife and I have decided to venture into our passion and make some passive income and want to eventually make it our primary income as our end goal. I have been doing tons of research and book reading. I came across Bigger pockets and love what it has to offer. I'm wanting to find out if there is any one out there who would be willing to meet for coffee or lunch some time and enlighten me with there wisdom, experience and build a friendship along the way. Also trying to find out if there is a local real estate club in the area that I could join and expand my knowledge!

Thank you for all your responses in advance!


Hi Paul Welcome to the real investing family.  I am an investor as well I live in Ga, but I have property in Mississippi as well for sale so I am trying to build my network of investors there.

Hey Paul, I live out in Vegas. (Prior USAF, Nellis was my last duty station and I just stayed here) but I'm born and raised in Soso, MS about a hour and half drive north of Kessler. I'm investing in real estate back there. I'll keep in touch. 

@Shamekia Mckenzie , @Rogers Smith , @Bryan Knight . Thank you all fro reaching out, Id love to learn more about all of you and begin to network. I'm so new to this so any wisdom and insight you can donate would be awesome! I'm trying to figure where to get started I have started looking at properties with a realitor and  walked several just extremely cautious because I don't wanna be over my head.

Hey Paul.. I’m new to bigger pockets. I’m just up the road in Hattiesburg. We have a 24 unit apartment under contract, learning as we go! Decided to start big! Holler if you make it up this way, we’d love to meet y’all.

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