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I am using these sites for research:


the latter site is a records search.

I've called several county numbers and all the individuals I speak with have no clue about the site. When I listen to the prompts to hear who mandates (supports) the site, all I hear is "go to the site". Well how about a tech support number or some guidance. :-| Only one person gave me "some" information for which I was much appreciative. I was able to expand on that in the search screen but am not stumped how to get the documents to print or download.

Either would work for what I need.

Has anyone any experience with these sites or has suggestions for other sites to get property information?

Much appreciated....


Originally posted by @Anastasia Jordan :

The county website sometimes does not work. For property info I use the GIS map first.

 Thanks I will give this a try...

Originally posted by @Anastasia Jordan :

I think you have to register and pay to print documents from LandmarkWeb.  

 I've been able to view documents. Getting to the next page is sketchy since the web site doesn't work all the time. As far as printing, I don't see a fee and there is no guidance on just how to do that. There doesn't seem to be anyone that supports or knows anything about the site either. I've called all the county numbers.

Ok, to print files from Landmarkweb you have to register (click at the top right where it says log in).  Once you are registered to have to click the icon on the right that says "add to cart" then click at the shopping cart icon at the top to check out and it will let you pay by creditcard.

Originally posted by @Anastasia Jordan :

Oh and once you are registered you will be able to view multiple pages.

 Thank you, you have been an immense help!!!

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