Contracting and Contsruction, Old Cloverdale

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All, I just purchased in 36106/Old Cloverdale, and our home has a second story straight out of 1970. The main floor is great, and renovating the top into a modern loft-style hangout should help rent this home when we move out.

Any recommendations for general contractors? We also need to update the A/C if anyone has thoughts on local business. Thanks! 

Hey Rick! We’d like to take down some walls, replace wood paneling, and change out the linoleum for composite planks. It’s about 800 sq ft of area, mostly general construction with the walls.

I have a great guy that does a lot of work for me on flips.  And, he also does work for me on the properties I manage in downtown. He is licensed and insured.  PM me for his info.