Montgomery neighborhood and Referrals

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Hello BPers,

While I am exploring various OOS markets for rental investment, I came across few properties in Montgomery, which might produce good cash flow (1.5%). Any recommendations on the neighborhood? I saw them on 36106 and 36109. Are these good?

I would also appreciate some recommendations or referrals for GC/PM.


@Murali Jesudoss Congrats on jumping into REI! The River Region is a great market for investment. I'm from Montgomery and my partner still lives there. We mainly focus our flip business in that area. If I can be of any help at all please don't hesitate to reach out. Happy to share experience, knowledge, contacts, etc. "Sharing knowledge is powerful" 😁

@Murali Jesudoss I haven't purchased in the 36106 zip but I like it. 36109 is a great rental area and you can flip there too. I would buy just about anywhere in 36109. 36117 is also an area where I would buy anywhere.

@Matthew Creel Hey Matthew, you flipping in MGM. I would love to connect and maybe talk strategy when available

@Murali Jesudoss I run a wholesale company here in Montgomery and would love to help in any way I can. We moved a lot of deals in 36106 and 36109 to out of state investors just like your self. I would say the 2 most popular zip codes for B class rentals that still cash flow good are 36109 and 36117.