Montgomery AL real estate investors club new location

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Hey Montgomery Al and surrounding area investors, I spoke with one of the real estate investor club organizers for The Montgomery area recently and he wanted me to announce that they now meet at a new location, 120 dexter ave Montgomery AL (downtown Montgomery). They meet the third Monday of each month, so the 21st of March is the next one. As i am typing this I realized I forgot the time,I believe it's at 6 or 630 but once I get the correct time I will post it.


Hope to see and meet some of you at the meeting

the meeting is at 6pm this upcoming Monday (21st)

I know this is an old post but are there are still any meetups for real estate investors in Montgomery?

yes join us 120 dexter ave (  in the exit realty office) the third Tuesday of each month starting in January. Let me know if you have any questions hope to see you there

I'll be there.  6pm still?

The location is the same, but they meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Next one is Oct 17th.

These meetings are still ongoing correct? Verifying before I send over a few clients who are interested in attending! Would like to make it out myself too sometime. Thanks!

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