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Hi Montgomery Folks!

I will be in Montgomery on June 11 to check on our second flip property in Cloverdale.  Would anyone be interested in meeting up at the property to network, do a walk through and I can explain what we did to the house and share some before pictures, and perhaps just share some pizza from Tomatino's or something?

If there is interest, let me know and I will send out the address and an exact time for the meeting.


I would definitely be interested...

Sounds like we have some interest as I also received several private messages.  Let's meet at 1038 Woodley Road on June 11 at 5:00PM. You may need to park across the street depending on how many people show up.

I'll plan to meet you there.

Matt, I would like to join you guys, just depends on work schedule for that day. 

Count me in

See everyone who can make it on Saturday around 5pm at 1038 Woodley Road in Montgomery.

looking forward to meeting everyone.

@Matt Bell Thank you for sharing your knowledge, numbers, and kindness.  I think tonight was a huge success.

@Dre Dumas @Andrew Howell It was nice meeting you there!

I wish I saw this sooner!!! @Matt Bell I am in the Montgomery area and would love to pick your brain sometime. 

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight.  I enjoyed meeting people and learning about your projects and your strategies.  Always happy to chat, provide advice, or network and help however I can.

You can check out the finished product at or just check out the Zillow listing for 1038 Woodley Road, Montgomery, AL.

I hate I missed the chance to converse with an active and experienced REI like yourself! But if you're ever doing anything like this again in the Montgomery area I'll be sure to attend

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