In search of a good home inspector

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Hello BP, I am looking for a good home inspector in the Montgomery, Alabama market that can hopefully help me out within the next 10 days to look at a property that I have under contract.  I am also looking in the Huntsville market, and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



here is my guy for bham... I'm not sure what his travel radius but he's good!

Magic City Home Inspections, LLC in Birmingham. Bill is very good.

I have an inspection scheduled next Tues. with Sherrill Jeffcoat of HomeInfo, LLC. First one so I can let you know how it goes next week. He scheduled in just a few days.

We use Doug Thornton with All Safe Inspections in Montgomery, AL.

Sherrill Jeffcoat did a good job for me. Kept me from getting into a complicated mess with a foundation issue. I would use him again!

I ended up using Doug Thornton with All Safe Inspections that @Matt Bell recommended.  Wow, he did a very thorough job and pointed out a lot.  I have since went back to the sellers to fix a majority of them, and I'm currently using it as a negotiating tool.  Thanks Matt!

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