Market Overlook: Investing in Montgomery, AL (Q1) 2018

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Greetings BP Community!

This is Hunter Norsworthy with Camelot Properties and I am happy to say that I've been involved in real estate investing in the Montgomery market for a little over two years now. I decided to start up this discussion based on the amount of investors I've spoken with who have shown recent interest in the Montgomery market. These are some of the most common questions I am faced with, so I found some free time and thought it'd be beneficial if I answered them on our local BP Forum. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Would this info be something you'd like to see every quarter? Let me know!

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Montgomery Market Q1


Number of Units Sold: 517

Average DOM: 113

Average Sold Price: $143,424

Number of Units Rented: 141

Average DOM: 70

Average Rent Price: $1,012

Thank you. I'm looking to connect with other buyers/investors as well.

@Charles M. I recently sent a Facebook request as well as a follow request on BP. Would love to further discuss the connections you're looking for and see if I can assist in any way!

It takes an average of 70 days to rent a unit?  Yikes.  In my market its like 70 minutes.

Account Closed Thank you for that insight! Yes, depending on where you are in Montgomery it can take around 70+ days to rent. However, there are also those areas, just like with any major city, that tenants seem to flock to consistently. Familiarizing yourself with the right areas is more than half of the game here in Montgomery!

@Hunter Norsworthy Thanks for posting. This is my first official post on BP. I've been hawking the site and working through the podcasts.

I'm curious, as an agent, what areas are you seeing the most "flock"? East Montgomery out toward Pike Rd? Is Prattville still growing? What about south of the airport? My wife and I just moved to Vegas (Air Force) but plan to return to her hometown, Prattville, in a couple of years. Chances are we will end up planting roots in the area as I transition to the Alabama National Guard. Our 5 year plan would include having 5 properties in the delta region that cash flowed. Thoughts?

Nothing south of the airport that I am aware of.  The big money new homes are all out east, Pike Road etc. Prattville is doing fine as well as Millbrook, Wetumpka.  Lake Martin is crazy.  My buddy works for a guy whose financial backer told him to buy everything that comes up for sale on Lake martin that is less than 400K, put 300K in it and sell for 900K - 1M.  Also a lot of revitalization in downtown, cottage hill, Old Cloverdale.

@Greg Parker whoa! I had no idea Lake Martin was that popular. I do know that 2 weeks ago we were going to go have a lake day and the lake was riddled with debris from the storm that went through!

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