What's the market like in Mobile and Baldwin County?

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Hi everyone, I was just curious how the market is these days in the Mobile area.  People I have talked to just usually say it is "getting better", but I'm not getting a ton more info.  Would you say it is buyers, sellers, neutral market?  Are things pretty steady?  Did Airbus bring a lot more activity to the area, is anything else relevant going on?  Thanks everyone, hoping to get some regional conversation started.

I just realized you all have been celebrating mardi gras so I'm going to bump this thread...

I was hoping to see more life in the local Mobile forum. I am as new as they get to the real estate gig so I cannot take the pulse on the current real estate climate in Mobile. Looking for a mentor as I'm fumbling around the idea of wholesaling. Maybe our conversation can stir up a little more. What kind of real estate do you work with in Mass.?

@Ethan Anderson , thanks for the reply! I'm moving to Mobile this summer and looking to get involved down there. I will be closing on my home in June and plan to rent that out when I leave in 3 years. I am military and interested in buy and hold. Seems like the single family market in mobile heats up for about 2 months in the spring then goes cold. For wholesaling I bet you could get some good deals in the winter then sell in April if you time it right.

@Erik Price , How did you get this overall feel for the market here? Where did you buy? My wife and I were looking to buy a house until the baby showed up in January. We haven't had time to really look since then. We're renting the same apartment we were in while attending school.

My opinion on the market was formed by talking to multiple realtors in the area, as well as multiple property owners who were selling or renting their property this past spring. Also I watched Zillow and realtor.comvery closely for about 6 months. I get the Zillow market reports. My area of focus was west of schillinger in the baker school district, and I bought in a neighborhood near airport blvd and snow road. Things may be a little different in other areas of Mobile. Did you go to South Alabama?

My wife and I both went to South Alabama.

So what is stopping you from buying?

My wife and I are not sure what the next few years look like for us. She wants to end up in Houston TX where she's from - so we're not sure about making the commitment. Our 4month old baby also has food protein allergies and requires an expensive diet. With my wife staying at home, we wouldn't be able to afford a house nicer than our apartment, currently. She also has a very nice 4Runner that reduces our housing budget by 70,000. I'm trying to stick to the Dave Ramsey debt free plan in which you're supposed to pay off all debt before taking out a mortgage.

@Ethan Anderson I'm curious since you have experience as a USA student, do you think there is a market for Single family homes rented out to students in the area around the campus? What neighborhoods would you recommend?

Hey guys. I'm also interested in the mobile market. I like what I see with the downtown rejuvenation and what they are doing around the port to bring jobs. I'm in north Alabama but travel to the coast frequently. Erik you mentioned wholesale and I would be interested in any deals you come across. I am looking to get in more MFR stuff but will look at anything.

Hey guys - @Josh Carlegis @Ethan Anderson @Erik Price ... I, too, was hoping to see more life in the Mobile forum... I am flying in June 30- July 5th to get the lay of the land and see about starting a team (I have friends there)... wondering now that you've been there / been working there a bit, what your take on the local market and economy is? Do you have any neighborhood suggestions? Property manages? Warnings? ;) If you're around an available, would love to meet up and buy you a beer.

I know this is a question from last year.

In my opinion...

Currently inventory has decreased and sales are increasing, however the Market here is stable. With interest rates being high you'd think we'd be in more of a Buyer's market however the inventory has decreased so sellers have some power still. In summary the market's stable. My prediction is that we will be moving towards more of a Sellers market, incoming foreclosures have decreased and hopefully we'll see interest rates start to improve.

Ashley B.

Updated 10 months ago

This pertains to Mobile County, AL.

With Walmart distribution center opening soon as well as the same for Amazon and another Airbus type company coming in (partnering with Airbus???) I am told the market for rentals is growing at a fast pace. 

Originally posted by @Doug Haisten :

With Walmart distribution center opening soon as well as the same for Amazon and another Airbus type company coming in (partnering with Airbus???) I am told the market for rentals is growing at a fast pace. 

 This sounds really good. I'm looking into getting into the Mobile market also. For anyone else trying to figure out if they should, I'm doing comparables and looking at market history, and analyzing the average rental rates. You can get a lot of this info from Trulia and Craigslist.

We are seeing improving trends in Mobile, however Baldwin is still garnering a higher rent per SF. I would be happy to assist with Rental Projections in Mobile and Baldwin County if needed. 

Wendy Hayden

General Manager, Southern Residential Leasing


Any more updates on the Mobile market? I'm looking to go down there in about a week to take a look around in the 36606 area. Are there any other areas I should be looking in or staying away from? From the research I've done, it seems like a good place to invest in. There's just not much posted about it on BP.

Also, if you are or can recommend a Realtor for the Mobile area, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

@Korey Hodges my father is a realtor in Pensacola Florida for the last 18 years, and we were born and raised in Mobile Alabama. He can make sure to get you a great realtor in the mobile market through this referral network. PM me if you would like me to introduce you so you can find a stellar agent for your needs

I live in Pensacola to get over to Mobile  somewhat frequently. I have to say Baldwin County is really nice .  Great communities great location .  As far as Mobile , like any other city, it's very hit-and-miss depending on where the property is located. Some are absolutely horrible with high crime and others  are on the other end of the spectrum. if it was me and I was making a choice between the two, Baldwin County is a no-brainer.

I would say stable. The University of Alabama is rapidly growing and I know the area, so I like to buy in West Mobile. I would say North Mobile is growing too, like in Saraland, because of their highly rated school district. I like buying in Baldwin County as well, but getting Fairhope properties is pretty hard. Much easier to pick up properties in Mobile. Does anyone know more about downtown Mobile? Looking to get some properties in that area but I don't know the market there.

Great. Thanks for the info everyone. I haven't been able to get down there yet to look around, but when I do I will let you all know.

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