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Hi my name is Hector Castillon and as of right now I am a college student working to get my X-ray tech license. I live with my parents and the program lasts two years. I want to eventually be able to get out the rat race and become independent and not dependent on a job. Now I know that I am getting a license in X-rays but I see it as a way to help me financially to be able to invest in real estate. However I don't want to wait to finish school to get into investing in real estate. Therefore, I have some money saved up right now and I have worked on my credit, now I have been looking at mobile homes because they are more affordable for me as of right now but I would like to know what are some things that I should know before I purchase one and if they are worth it. 

@Hector Castillon  

Congrats on deciding to start young! Welcome to BP community! Prior to investing in anything you need to educate yourself through books, podcasts (Kevin Bupp on MHP investing) and networking with like-minded investors. You need to start underwriting properties to be able to find the one that makes sense for you! 

Best of luck!

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