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Hello all,

I'm brand new to BP and real estate investing. I'm looking  to learn and shadow while I raise more funding to try on my own. I have purchased several properties in the past for my personal use  however, never just as an investment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

@Brandon Drake welcome to the group! Make sure to add a profile picture and fill out your profile first of all! Introduce yourself to others! Secondly, make a list of actionable items you can do weekly/monthly. Even if its small such as reaching out to other on BP this will start to make a difference. It will not close any deals or find any for you but you'll start to build momentum moving forward. Just like video games are enticing because you get points for this and that and you level up you can think of your progress similarly. Week 1 may be connecting with 10 more bp members. Week 2 is 10 more... week 25 is buying subscription to BP and connecting with 20 per week. You can also set actionable items for yourself such as driving for dollars x hours per week. Even if its running numbers on a deal 3x per week you're making headway even if it doesn't feel like you are. Once you've run numbers in your area on 100+ properties you'll know much more quickly what deals look good, what are not good, and you can start to advise, move forward on deals, and so much more. Best of luck and welcome to BP!

@Steven J. thanks so much for the words of wisdom. And I'll get my profile completed asap. 

Hello Brandon!

I am also new and am working on learning while I save up. I am down in south Florida and I am working on getting my real estate license as a side gig to help raise funds. I wish I had more experience  to offer more advise but I will say that BP podcasts contain a ton of different viewpoints and the folks you will find on this site are very full of information. In my opinion you are are in an EXCELLENT location to start putting together a RE portfolio with Toyota and Mazda bringing new factories to the area. If you have any questions about the W Palm Beach area or are looking for any help with your investing let me know!

Welcome to BP Brandon! I am a realtor from south Florida, and although I am kind of new to all this the BP podcast really has made the learning of all of this quite fun actually. Check them out they provide endless details on every aspect of REI.


Welcome Brandon! BP is an amazing place to learn and to network as well! 

@Treyan Doss - I thought that Alabama got that contract for Toyota/Mazda? Were you referring to the new factory that they are building in Huntsville? Or maybe something else. :-) Let me know! 

However... Miami is one of 20 cities up for becoming the second headquarters for Amazon. 

Anyway, way to dive in Brandon! Can't wait to hear about your journey. 

Yeah I was referring to the new Huntsville site, my post was a little all over the place!


I am a licensed contractor and licensed home inspector in NJ and have rehabbed several properties FIX and FLIP profitably. If you are interested in LLC holding title to a property for FIX and Flip in JV. please contact me


Vijay K Chopra  

Welcome @Brandon Drake . Most important item as a newbie is to figure out the type of investor you want to be. Many ways to invest in real estate but I've found it to be costly to Ready Fire Aim approach to REI. While consuming all the great info here and on the podcasts, focus on your goals and what you want REI to do for you and your family.

Hi @Brandon Drake ,

Welcome to BP! I'm a Realtor In New Jersey and this year I will start my investment journey. Have you thought about using hard money lenders or gap funders to get you started? There is also a company I will be using to start building business credit so that I keep my personal and business credit separate. I would love to connect if you are interested.

Welcome @Brandon Drake ! Sage advice from @Jay Helms . Figure out what you want to do in real estate and then build a roadmap to get you there. The more specific you are with your goals the easier they will be to reach.

Weclome to BP @Brandon Drake ! Have you been to any of the local REIA's. I personally go to MCREIA, there is a meeting every month. It's a great place to learn and network. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to talk real estate.

Hey @Brandon Drake

 It's nice to see some more locals getting on here at BP! This place is full of useful information and helpful people, you should be able to learn a ton and have plenty of help when you run into questions. Shoot me a message anytime, I'm always up for a good conversation.


Best of luck on your journey. I am always happy to share any advice on the fix/flip, multifamily, or hard money lending fronts.

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