Huntsville, AL/ North Alabama Job Growth

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There are over 6,000 jobs expected in the Huntsville/North Alabama area in the next few years. This means it is a great time to invest in the area because Huntsville rents are on the rise. I get quite a few inquiries about what is going on in the area and thought I would provide a couple of links from the local news stations.

I love what this guy is doing for North Huntsville!

It's a great time to invest in this area.  The whole area of North Alabama is an opportunity......Investors start out with information directing them to the strongest locations/opportunities.... say Huntsville ......then by the time they are ready and have done the due diligence the market changed and they became yesterday's opportunities....  if you don't think outside the box in to could miss tomorrows opportunities.   You have to understand how closely Huntsville interacts....because Huntsville is centrally located and how all the surrounding areas can literally go in any direction "out" from Huntsville to where the next hot spot is going to be.... it's growing so fast that the opportunities are expanding......very quickly.    Just like the history of all larger cities.    Really this is nothing new or ANY different from historical strong growth anytime, anywhere in history.  You start from within and move out.  Huntsville is in the middle and you can literally go in any direction and still be 30 to 45 minutes from entertainment/activities/shopping/medical anywhere you WANT to be!!!!    And from anywhere, you NEED to be work/ jobs, ETC!   I love when I get the opportunity to inform, educate and share experience on the whole area.... not,  just in Huntsville or in Madison City.   It's fun to share what happened yesterday, what is happening today and why I think the market is expanding in the direction that it is!!!!!   For example, I just sold homes in a brand new community under construction..... Brand New...NEVER LIVED in with all the energy efficiencies that are important to tenants to get the strongest rent!  LEASED BEFORE CLOSING!!!!  We have great opportunities for real estate investors.... WHETHER IT BE SINGLE FAMILY,  COMMERCIAL, MULTI-FAMILY!!!!   It's a great time to invest!  

@Caroline Davis what great info! I am just so excited by what we're seeing there. The Cummings Research Park and the whole Big Picture plan for the city is just so ambitious and forward-looking I LOVE IT! We're already seeing such amazing value there for each investor dollar and with all the growth already happening and planned for the next several years, we have ZERO doubt Huntsville is going to be a major player in the REI space. I definitely recommend that anyone considering Huntsville check out the official Big Picture website to get an idea of just how expansive this new campaign is.