New to Phoenix and also a REI newbie looking to network.

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Hello to all this is Lavell I'm a newbie not only to Phoenix but also to very optimistic about AZ and highly look forward to networking,connecting and meeting new friends in this real estate in the beginning stages so I'm still learning please reach out and let's start connecting.

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Welcome to Phoenix! I hope you're coming from a warm climate. My wife and I are currently planning our initial approach to jump into real estate. We plan to start networking in the near future as our student loans get SMALLER and Smaller and smaller. Almost time to take the plunge!

Thanks Zach...I’m actually coming from the Windy City so I’m loving the heat ....what aspect of real estate are u planning on tackling first. My plan is to start with wholesales 

Hi Lavell,

Welcome to BP and to Phoenix!  If you're wanting to jump in and meet people there are two on going BP meetups in the Valley. One is on the eastside in Mesa and the other is on the Northwest side.  They both meet monthly at this point.  You can check them out in the "Events" section of the Network tab. I have been to the one on the eastside and they always have informative speakers.  There are usually 30-40 people all eager to meet each other. 

What I've found works too is when you're reading the posts and find someone you'd like to contact - do it!  Arrange for a coffee or something.  Everyone I've met so far is very happy to do so and share knowledge.

Thank you for that information....I've been wondering if REI every meet up here in Phoenix...I hope I run into you at one of these events...I would love to pick your brain...

Welcome to Phoenix I’m new here too been here less than a year wondering have you started doing any wholesales yet I’m a newbie and would love to partner up on some work if you’re interested

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