Looking for a Mentor

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Hello BP Community, 

My name is Keegan, and it's a pleasure to connect with you. I'm in short vacation rentals here in Scottsdale, but i am also looking for network with others in the space.I come from a finance background and understand how to implement/improve systems.  I'd love to get coffee sometime to talk about what your working on in the space now and how i could provide value to you. 

Looking forward to connecting! 

Also, if you from an education program or looking to recruit for one, i am not interested. Thank you for respecting my space.

It can be easier to connect with a quality mentor at a local meetup. Eventually, they may be willing to take you on. If you're interested in joining me at my networking events in the east valley, just give me a shout! I also have a solid background in finance. Your homepage may display some local investor events in Phoenix/Scottsdale, or you may even join the AZ REIA.

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