Coming to Phoenix 2019 with VA Loan

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Hello all! I currently live in Denver, CO but just received orders through the Air Force this past Friday to teach at Arizona State University. I plan on refinancing my condo in Denver so I can have the full VA Loan (450k) and to purchase up to a four plex with that money.

-Any suggestions on location? I'm searching for no HOA (so I can Air bnb if need be), near light rail and an attraction (school, airport, etc).

-Where would you look for deals? I'm not opposed to using a wholesaler or offering low prices off of MLS.

-Any suggestions on a realtor? I want a pit bull who will find me a good deal with the highest cash flow. Must be very communicative since I live out of state right now.

Thanks and see you guys soon!

I would recommend Ryan Swan. He is a BP member. He found me a great investment property and showed me a couple of places where the HOA accepts short term rentals.

Thanks for the recommendation @Chris Burke !

@Bain Craddock , thank you for your service, and we're excited to have you in Arizona! I'm an ASU graduate and have watched the university grow in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. I think you'll really enjoy teaching in such a dynamic school. 

I specialize in fourplexes and have helped quite a few BP members buy smart properties this year. 

  • Most small multi family properties do not have HOAs (although some do), so that's good for your AirBnb strategy. 
  • The vast majority are going to be sourced on the MLS, although I've helped quite a few clients purchase some deals off market through my network of other agents. Unfortunately, wholesalers aren't a great option when you want to buy with your VA entitlement since those purchases are usually cash or hard money only.
  • I'm a master of communication, especially for my out of state investor clients. I'm about to help a BP client from Irvine, CA close on his third fourplex! 

I'll send you a PM so we can talk further - cheers

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@Ryan Swan PM'ed you. Looking forward to hear more about 4-plex'es in Arizona

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