Phoenix Realtor would love to join investment team

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Hello!  I've been around here a while now and love all the discussions - such great advice!  I would love to know what is the best option for finding an investment team that needs a realtor?  I know this path is not for everyone - and often a realtor is either already on the team/or not desired.  I am working with individual investors, and I love that - but I have to believe that there is a way to find a local Phoenix team - maybe a new team - that is looking for a realtor to connect with.  Suggestions?

Keep working with individual investors, one of them may grow to be full time or if you are buying properties that meet the criteria of a big group and they see your name again and again they may reach out to you.

@Debra Thomson

Any outfit that makes it to the "team" level and starts doing lots and lots of deal is eventually going to bring a realtor in house. 

Simply put, you're way too big of an expense when they sell (even for reduced commission, as over many deals it adds up) and they would also get the added savings when they purchase either in the form of price discounts or getting the commission. If someone is going to do it full time like that it only makes sense to get your license.

But for the part-time investor buying their second or third property, it doesn't make sense, and that's where you come in and can be of extreme benefit to them. So just keep working with individual investors.

Remember that while the local expertise and skill in buying and selling homes, negotiating, etc. is hard to replace, the actual license that entitles them to save on commissions is not. It's not like a contractor's license where you need years in the trade first before getting one.

Hi Debra!  I am fairly new to Bigger Pockets and am interested in investing in multi-family properties in Phoenix. I am a mother of three living in San Diego and am ready to start my path to financial freedom. Any advice you can give me on multi-family rentals in Phoenix would be great. Thanks for any help/insight in advance!

@Wes Blackwell you would think that they would bring a realtor in house but I can tell you that there are some that don't.  But they aren't going to work with you if you just walk in the front door, you need to build those relationships.

@Rowena Agustin  I would love to chat with you - the Phoenix market has great options.  One of my other investors is multi-family too.   Connect with me and we can chat.   

@Wes Blackwell  great advice.   Right now I am working on building relationships and letting it be known that this is my desired niche’.  Feel free to take me under your wing and pass on your great knowledge!  I will get there.  😄

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