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I own a 4 Plex in Tucson and will soon be closing on a second one for a total of 8 units. I currently use property management, but due to certain issues, am considering changing companies. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for good property management? My properties are C class small multifamily. They are not college rentals. Obviously, cost is a consideration as well. I currently use Rincon Ventures. 

Hi Anthony

Did you find anyone decent. Have a SFH to rent out and the recommendations I received were MEB rental homes and Renter's warehouse, however, yelp and google have terrible reviews. Considering self mgmt as prefer fast service to tenants but as living in Colorado would probably have to use RE agent to show home etc. Also working 40 hours per week so PM would be preferred.


@Anthony Gayden I know this post is a bit old, but figured I'd share regardless.

I have a large SFR that's being managed by New Concept PM and I have no complaints thus far with them. They're set-and-forget reliable but available when I need them.

To be fair, this is my first rental and the only PM company I've worked with in an official capacity. Do your due diligence if you consider them, of course.

Good luck!

@Anthony Gayden I know this post is a bit old, but I am also looking for a PM who can also manage the rehab project on the SFR which I am going to purchase soon. If you found one already and have any recommedations it would be greatly appreciated.

@Keoki Kimzin If you are okay, I will PM you about the insight that you can share for the PM companies. 

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