Investor-friendly attorney in Tucson

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Hi fellow Tucson BP investors-  I am currently working with a seller on a couple of his multifamily properties.  Anyone out there have recommendations for a good real estate attorney in Tucson experienced with seller financing transactions?  Thank you in advance.

@Colby Fryar I don't have any referrals in the space you're looking for but you can just punch in "YOUR CITY or AREA" plus "ATTORNEY" into the search window above and check out a few bios and people's past endorsements to zero in on someone that fits your ticket. The BP Plus or Pro level will give you way more general advertising, networking and search options to zero in on a micro level.

Thank you Ken-  I know.  The free search is pretty worthless.  I really need to upgrade soon.  I see you are willing to help folks with their investing.  I would love to talk to you sometime if you have some spare time.  Thanks again.


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