Airbnb neighborhoods in Tucson

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I'm curious is anyone else here is investing in Tucson properties to Airbnb. If so what neighborhoods are you looking at? I'm considering Barrio Viejo, Rincon Heights area, Doolen-Fruitvale, and Drexel Heights to name a few. Any areas to stay away from?

Some good choices you have there! Although I'm a little skeptical on Barrio Viejo.. 
I think your top two here on Rincon Heights, because of the proximity to the University, along with Drexel Heights (if you can find the nicer areas) because of the airport. 

If you don't mind me asking, what brought you to these four choices?

@Brian Erickson Good to hear someone else is looking into this too. Yes, I'm mainly looking at SFR's. Preferably ones on the smaller side in terms of rooms and sq. ft. @Logan Salat I'm curious why you're skeptical on Barrio Viejo. I've stayed down there and love it. It's close to everything such as downtown and national park. Plus it has this charm that you can't get anywhere else. Although I realize it's not for everyone. Drexel was close to NP and the airport. Considering about 8 neighborhoods total.

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