Looking for a contractor to help remodel a triplex

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Hi friends, I am in need of a contractor to remodel a triplex I own in central Tucson. Need someone experienced with working with investors. I understand the overhead costs that go into general contracting, and not looking for absolute lowest cost bidder, but also do not have time to deal with someone who over-bids because they are used to dealing with primary homeowners in the foothills, or feel like they can bury unjustified margin into a project. Any referrals/recommendations greatly appreciated! 

Hi @Donovan Reich , thanks much...will do. Appreciate it. Yes, if a distressed property is available where the BRRR method numbers work out- then very interested. Seems like anything actually on market with Tucson prices do not work economically. Be great to connect, as I live in SD, but out in Tucson often.

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