Surveyor needed for a site plan.

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Going off your title "Surveyor needed". First try to do yourself. See if you have a GIS map for your county or city. This will show your property lines. Note, not all GIS measurements are accurate. If your in an old establish neighborhood your lot lines should be self evident or talk with a neighbor. Did you have your property surveyed when you bought it? Get the survey out.

Steps using GIS:

1.  Pull up a GIS map for your legal city or county.

2.  Determine the footprint dimensions of your buildings.

3.  Get Setback rules from your Zoning tables.

4.  Use the drawing and measuring tool on the GIS map.  Put your two footprints in the drawing and see if it works.

@Ismael Loreto

What I'm recommending above is to see it it can fit before you get any more expense or time into it for the Site plan.  You should be able to go back to your original surveyor and have him lay in into the survey.

For the guest house, recommend you just find an existing plan and purchase it.  Make modifications as needed.  If you start with an architect to design the guest house you might have $20,000 to $40,0000 wrapped up in engineering fees.