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Hi I am a licensed agent in Arizona and when I first got my license I had planned on working as an agent full time. I have since took a full time job and plan on using my license for my own deals and for representing family members and a few clients here and there. At my current brokerage the split is around 65/35 and since I am now not going to be doing a high volume of deals I would like to switch to a brokerage that charges a monthly fee and charges broker fees per each transaction in order for me to keep more of the commission for the lower volume of deals. What I wanted to find out is if there are any brokerages in Phoenix-East Valley area that have broker fees that are on a transaction basis that are friendly to part-time investor agents?

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Call Realty has worked very well for me in exactly that position. $65 quarterly for E and O then $395 to $595 per transaction depending on the purchase price. Software to help with tracking documents related to transactions so I don't miss anything. It's a great fit.

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So I start real estate school next Monday. I'm actually planning on going into the same route as yourself. But, I have a team ready to invest in re right flip, I have some capital in play. Have you found any fix and flips? Just wondering how the process is going for you?

With Supra Key App, Lockbox, ARMLS dues, Association (this varies widely I am with PAR), E&O insurance etc. I am about $1,000 to $1,200 annually to keep my license. If I can do a deal a year and save the 3% it's worth keeping. For me as an investor/agent/have another full time job, Call Realty is great. If you reach out to them please tell them I recommended it. :-)

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