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Hi I am a licensed agent in Arizona and when I first got my license I had planned on working as an agent full time. I have since took a full time job and plan on using my license for my own deals and for representing family members and a few clients here and there. At my current brokerage the split is around 65/35 and since I am now not going to be doing a high volume of deals I would like to switch to a brokerage that charges a monthly fee and charges broker fees per each transaction in order for me to keep more of the commission for the lower volume of deals. What I wanted to find out is if there are any brokerages in Phoenix-East Valley area that have broker fees that are on a transaction basis that are friendly to part-time investor agents?

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Call Realty has worked very well for me in exactly that position. $65 quarterly for E and O then $395 to $595 per transaction depending on the purchase price. Software to help with tracking documents related to transactions so I don't miss anything. It's a great fit.

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So I start real estate school next Monday. I'm actually planning on going into the same route as yourself. But, I have a team ready to invest in re right flip, I have some capital in play. Have you found any fix and flips? Just wondering how the process is going for you?

@Justin Owens are there any other fees to hang your license? I am currently in pre-licensing classes and looking to use my license to help with investing and taxes.

With Supra Key App, Lockbox, ARMLS dues, Association (this varies widely I am with PAR), E&O insurance etc. I am about $1,000 to $1,200 annually to keep my license. If I can do a deal a year and save the 3% it's worth keeping. For me as an investor/agent/have another full time job, Call Realty is great. If you reach out to them please tell them I recommended it. :-)

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