Looking for a GREAT General Contractor in Los Angeles County

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Hello fellow Bigger Pockets people!

Can any of you recommend a good GC in the Los Angeles area? I'm a wholesaler who frequently works with newbie rehabbers. Sometimes they have a GC already and sometimes they don't. I'd love to be able to recommend them to "my guy" (or gal) as a GC. I could potentially be referring dozens of jobs a year as many of my cash buyers are first-time or relatively new fix and flippers. Here's what I'm really looking for:

1. Good reputation

2. Quality Work

3. Accessible (texts back/calls back pretty quickly)

4. LA Local-knows the areas fairly well

5. Able to make a rehab estimate on the spot

6. Willing to meet at the potential job site during the contract negotiation process to do a rehab estimate with the guarantee that if we get the deal, they'll get the job.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



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