Appraiser needed for condo in Glendale AZ

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I have an 1 bed/1 ba condo located in Glendale, AZ area of 63rd Ave/Glendale. Need an appraisal done so I can buy out a partner. I would prefer to give the business to someone who is a member of Bigger Pockets.  I would like to have this done ASAP. If you can help, please let me know!

Hi Carol,

If you don't have any luck finding an appraiser around here, I'd recommend going to and using their appraiser search bar on the first page. Should give you a good selection to chose from and you can call or email a few and ask their price and turn time. 

Since this isn't related to lending, you could ask them to do a GPAR rather than a Form 1073. GPARs are a bit more user friendly and many appraisers charge a bit less for them.

Good luck!

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