Calling All Surprise Small MFR Investors

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I am new to the Phoenix area and I am looking to set myself up to make my first small MFR purchase in the west of Phoenix area the mid next year. I'd love to connect with some of the local investors who have more experience in the west side of Phoenix as I live in that area and I'm just starting to get a handle on some of the particulars to this area. Hopefully we'll be able to exchange some information and, maybe, even learn from each other.

So, if you wouldn't mind sharing some knowledge and maybe enjoying some free coffee, please let me know who my fellow investors are!


Not sure if you found anyone yet. I'm from surprise as well. AZREIA is full of investors. Great for networking. 2nd Monday of every month at the celebrity theater is the Phoenix meeting.

I hope to meet more folks at the AZREIA meetings but I figured I'd reach out here as well. It never hurts to try to network when and where you can.

Good suggestion on the find members though. Thank you.

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