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Hello All,

I am new to Bigger Pockets and this is my first post. I am looking to learn more about burn houses to rehab. I have been rehabbing for a couple of years now, and am interested in starting these type of projects, What is the experience some of you have had with the rehab? More importantly what are the best strategies for buying these homes? Are there list I can buy, or contact the county? I am in Dallas,TX and I'm looking for direction on how to obtain these homes. Any help or advice is greatly Appreciated!

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In regards to the fire homes, the individuals i know that have purchased and flipped received them by being a contractor that works with insurance companies to fix fires,floods, etc.  They would ask the homeowner depending upon the damage if they would rather make a fresh start somewhere else. After they received the insurance payout. They would purchase repair and re-market the property. I think a good method would be to get connected to insurance adjusters to gain that work. once you have good relationships you should be able to buy and flip the homes if the homeowners want to move. 

@Yale Hamrick  

Welcome to BP!!

In terms of finding houses with fire damage, you can search your local town/city halls.  All fire responses are logged.  Exactly where they are stored varies by area, but they exist somewhere.  I know this because I asked a fire fighter directly :)

Happy House Hunting!!

Hi @Yale Hamrick  . You are a glutton for punishment aren't you? Yes, I did buy a burn house and it was an experience. My next one is carpet and paint. There are some issues working with houses that suffer from burnt materials and smoke damage.

The one I did was an auction house. First, you need to get it cheap. My fire was started on an inside wall from a fireplace being over-used and a leak in the metal chimney. We had to rip out the chimneys and ended up taking out the entire middle wall-long story.

Some things you need to do are: take out all the insulation. Chances are it is on the floor and it is wet and burnt. It is so nasty to clean-up. Next: clean. I used TSP on every inch of sheetrock and woodwork. Then: paint with shellac based primer. Spray the entire attic area and the rest of the house too. Obviously, rip out all burnt wood and materials. While the cabinets in the kitchen might look ok they will emit smoke smells for a long-time. Best to take out and replace with new. This is an opportunity for a major rehab.

I was going to use this as a rental but by the time it was finished so much was new that I decided to move into it. It is like a new house.

Another issue though, is I believe you will need to disclose that it is a fire house. That could be a turn-off for some. Good luck man.

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