creative investing?

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i am looking at a property here in NH and am wondering if there are any creative ways for me to get this property.

260k arv

he has 240k on his mortgage

he wants to sell asap due to a "nasty divorce"

What is he willing to sell it for?  Based off that you may not have enough equity in the place to make it worthwhile

@Raj Chavda  

thats kind of what i figured. wasnt sure if it was worth doing a RTO or something

With low equity you can do the following, subject to existing financing, lease option, Master lease, wraparound mortgage.

P.m. me if you need some information about any of these

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no way. Don't even think about it. 

Lots of missing information in order to really assess, but based solely on what little info is provided it better be a smoking hot neighborhood and a no-repair house AND a highly motivated seller. You would likely end up finding creative ways to keep from writing checks every month. Be very careful or you might make the seller's problem your problem. 

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