Getting info from county clerk office

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any advice on how to navigate the county clerk website for nyc particularly Queens? I found a few properties I want to look into when I was driving for dollars but I am having a lot of trouble getting info on the owner. Houses look vacant so I'm trying to find the address where tax docs are sent. I've also called the office and they were very unhelpful. Just told me they didn't know how to find the info. 

Most towns/cities have an online website where you can look up this information. If you do a little investigating on google searching for "Queens NY Auditor," you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Tanya Potter Google acris NYC and it will come up. Acris is New York city's website for recorded deeds and mortgages. If you find something of interest that you want to wholesale, please reach out to me. Best, Michael Davidov

Also, you can go to the DOB offices in different parts of the city. Every borough has their own office. They have archaic computer systems that you can research. ACRIS might be the way to go, but it may not provide you with more than the mailing address (which you may already have if you drove by the property).

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