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Hi everyone,

What are good websites and/or strategies for locating homeowners that have moved? I am knocking on doors of homes that are in preforeclosure and came upon a home that is abandoned and going to auction September 1st but I cannot locate the owners, which is obviously impeding my ability to even speak with them. Any help and advice is appreciated.


You are referring to the art and science of "skip tracing"

Start by searching the homeowner's names online. This may lead to social media posts that lead you to your target.

There are also cheap and free sites like whitepages dot com and findtheseller. 

I don't mess with these much because, as a pro, my time is more valuable than using cheap sites. 

We use lexisnexus/accurint and others. You will need to pay for and pass office inspection by provider. Keeps the riffraff out, I guess.

Or, you can hire PI's to do the work for you for about $85/hr + expenses. 

Do you guys thing I should do a seminar on how to find missing people?